Sunday, December 28


Man muß sich ein bestimmtes Quantum Zeit gönnen, wo man nichts tut, damit einem etwas einfällt.
Mortimer Jerome Adler

Der amerikanische Philosoph Mortimer J. Adler (1902-2001) sagte auch (als er vom Judentum zum Christentum übertrat):

"My chief reason for choosing Christianity was because the mysteries were incomprehensible. What's the point of revelation if we could figure it out ourselves?
If it were wholly comprehensible, then it would just be another philosophy."

Wednesday, December 24

Mach's wie Gott ...

"Mach's wie Gott, werde Mensch!"

Ein frohes und gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest!

Tuesday, December 9

Einfach zum Nachdenken...

"Eigentlich bin ich ganz anders,
nur komm' ich so selten dazu.
Ödön von Horvath
(österreichischer Schriftsteller,
9.12.1901 - 1.6.1938)

Tuesday, December 2

Schwierige Zeiten

Wieder habe ich bei Bryant Wright Aufbauendes gelesen.
Unter dem Titel "Can I Get A Witness? - Werde ich ein Zeuge sein?" schreibt er über die positiven Aspekte harter Zeiten:

"...but he has told me, 'My grace is all you need, because my power is perfected in weakness.' Therefore, I will most happily boast about my weaknesses, so that the Messiah's power may rest on me."

When reminded that God does not give us any burdens we cannot handle, Mother Teresa replied, "I know, but sometimes I just wish He didn't think so highly of me." While it's true that tough times can challenge us and shape character, most of us would prefer that God would find another teaching method!
While hitting rock bottom is not fun, crises do offer opportunities for growth and service. For instance, sometimes God allows us to go through hard times so that we can learn to truly trust Him. You see, when we do choose to trust God - even when there is no concrete evidence of His presence - we demonstrate real faith. And that faith is not only demonstrated to God, it is a powerful witness to everyone who sees what you have gone through. Look at the example shown by Joseph. After thirteen years of miserable setbacks, the first thing he did was to stand before Pharaoh and share his testimony of his faith in God. What a magnificent witness to the glory of God!
So, when facing tough times, recognize the opportunity you have to build trust in God, deepen your faith, and become a powerful witness for your Heavenly Father.