Friday, April 23

Winning The Race

"What is this confidence that you have? We trust in the Lord our God..."
2 Kings 18:19,22

During the filming of the old classic movie, Ben Hur, Charlton Heston had a terrible time learning to drive the chariot. When it came time to film the key sequence of the chariot race, Heston told the director, "I think I can drive the chariot, but I don't think I can win the race." The director replied, "You just drive, and I'll see to it that you win."
Wouldn't it be great if we could be assured of victory in life? Wouldn't you like to know that, even though the circumstances don't always seem to be in our favor, the ultimate outcome would be positive?
I have good news for you. This principle does hold true. Those who place their trust in Jesus Christ, who seek to follow His guidance and direction for living, can be sure of ultimate victory through eternal life. Live life God's way. He assures the victory.

Monday, April 12

Live in the Future

"My father told me to live not in the past but in the future. He never hated anyone, even people who did him wrong. If you spoke to him about the past, he said it was in the past but I live in the future."
Avram Grant, FC Portsmouth-Manager