Tuesday, March 24

Alt ...

Alt ist man dann, wenn man an der Vergangenheit mehr Freude hat als an der Zukunft.
John Knittel
John Knittel (24.3.1891 - 26.4.1970) Schriftsteller,
"Via Mala", "El Hakim", "Therese Etienne" (Indien/Schweiz, 1891 - 1970).

Monday, March 23

How To Know Christ

"I will give them a heart to know Me, for I am the Lord..."

God's Word makes it clear-the goal of life is knowing Christ. Now think what knowing Christ doesn't mean. It doesn't mean knowing about Him.
I love to read biographies, especially of presidents. At the end of a great biography you feel like you know the person. Yet I've never met a President, I know a lot about them, but I've never known one personally. Most people know a lot about Jesus but that doesn't mean they know Him personally. So how can you know Him personally?
1. God's Word. Through His Word you can know Him. But Scripture without faith is just knowing about Him.
2. Have faith. That's a key to believing what Scripture says is true.
3. Pray. Talking and listening to God allows you to know Him.
4. Attend a Christ-centered church. This helps you know Him through worship, fellowship, and ministry.
When it comes to Jesus, do you know Him or just know about Him? Really knowing Him makes all the difference.

From Bryant Wright's RIGHT FROM THE HEART Ministery (Daily Devotion)